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Friday, December 22, 2017

December 22, 2017

How are you enjoying the first day of Winter?  Can you tell the days are getting longer?  It may be too soon.

Shirley Froelich Gleason submitted -- and perhaps took -- this photo of Christmas lights on Casita Way.  In case you can't make out the sign on the right, it says "DITTO", with an arrow pointing to the neighbor's decorations.

Good news ladies!! A generic Viagra is now on the market for $35 a pill.  I'm wondering how much the "good stuff" costs.

Judy Aminoff wants to know her Class of '63 "ranking".  Turns out she was reading the Barbara Lamb obituary Jack Williams wrote in the U-T in 2005 in which he says "Barbara graduated 19th in her class of 800".  I was never aware of an actual GPA ranking, even when I was teaching.  Let me know if you can help Judy.

I'm not sure what's going on with the Colt Corral Facebook, but there's some sort of competition to remember the good old days -- and good old places.  It gave me a chance to snag and share my Aunt Emma's Pancakes web page.  Click HERE to check it out and drool.

Speaking of Facebook, Paula Hildebrand Clare '64 shared this photo of a Fiesta de Pacifico gathering circa 1959.  Paula's in the first row, second from the right.  Her brother Rod '63 is standing in the middle with the cool vest.   Bill Bagnell '63 is standing at the right. Standing at the left is Paula's husband-to-be Ron (Rulon) Claire '62. They'll celebrate 51 years of marriage next month.

I'm sharing a link to the obituary for Martin Ransohoff because it gives me an excuse to show this photo of the Beverly Hillbillies, one of the shows he produced.  Click HERE to read the obit.

Barbara Kiloh Rubin '63 passed away peacefully on December 19th.  She worked as an Administrative Aide for the San Diego City Schools and, after retirement, enjoyed her children and grandchildren.  She is survived by sister Laura Kiloh Petretta '66 and brother Kirk '69.  Her children Dan and Lisa Rubin are also Crawford graduates.  There will be no services.