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Thursday, June 2, 2016

June 3, 2016

THE SUN'S ALMOST UP IN PACIFIC BEACH and we're expecting warm weather through the weekend.  If Memorial Day marked the official kick off of Summer, maybe everyone went to the beach.  There sure wasn't much happening for inclusion in the Colt Corral.  Summer crowds may prevent Nancy and I from breakfasting at the Waffle Spot.  Last week we took a detour to Patty's Cafe, in the Big Lots shopping center on Lake Murray Blvd.

Nathan East '73 was one of the members of The People Movers band expected to show up last night for a reunion at the Mission Bay Hilton.  Click HERE to read about it in the Union-Tribune.

I reached WAY back in the time machine for this KCBQ "Hit Parader Survey" issued on this date in 1958.  You'll have to do the math.  I can't figure out how many years ago that was.  Click HERE to check out an enlarged version.