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Friday, October 27, 2017

October 27, 2017

It's been awhile, but I finally came across a cartoon that made me chuckle.

Have you been watching the World Series?  The name Brent Strom sounded really familiar to me.  Turns out the Astros' Pitching Coach was the 1966 Section Player of the Year at San Diego High School and later played for the Padres. So there you are.

Recognize this McDonald's?  Greg May didn't, and asked for help when he posted the shot on his Vintage San Diego Facebook page.   He got help in a hurry.   The shot looks west to 70th and University in April 1972, when the Golden Arches had Golden Arches.

The 2017 Colts are preparing for tonight's Homecoming, just like they were in 1967.  Click HERE to read the Golden Anniversary Pacer from October 26, 1967.

Class of '62 football players Bruce Parker and Ron Newport emerge from the tunnel at the Grand Opening of Crawford's Football Field.  Click HERE to see some great Facebook photos by Jenny Thai.  If you don't "do" Facebook, click HERE to look at the photos on Jenny's web site.

Colin Cole and Duane Farrar were in charge of check-ins at the Class of '62 55th Reunion held October 5th.  Click HERE to look at Lynn Routt Swanson's photos on Facebook.

Emma B. Leisure, my Senior Year counselor, passed away September 2nd at the age of 96.  Click HERE to sign the on-line guest book.  

Shelly Forester sends word that her aunt, Jeanne Boscow Iturri '64, died of cancer April 17th.  Jeanne's sister, Carole Boscow Swenson '61, is working on an obituary.

Friday, October 20, 2017

October 20, 2017

Crawford hit another speed bump last week at Clairemont High, losing 24-13.  They will host Coronado tonight at the Grand Opening of the new stadium.  6 PM for the ribbon cutting.  6:30 for the kickoff.   That's a birds-eye view of the stadium below.

Gary Mitrovich posted this postcard of the Imperial 400 Motel at 6624 El Cajon on his East San Diego Facebook page.  It doesn't look familiar to me, but I think it was directly across the street from Carnation -- and a block or so west of the El Cajon/Montezuma split.

This superb shot of the Campus Drive-In was submitted to Facebook this week by Richard Eveland.  Click HERE to check out some other Campus photos on my still-frozen web site.  There is hope the site will be repaired.  I'll keep you posted.

(Above) Steve Wood entitled this Colt Corral Facebook submission, "Class of '70 Studying for Finals at the Long Bar".   The names are  Steve Bonner, Joe Mendez, Lenny Como, Larry Richmond, and Paul Edge, but I'm pretty sure someone is missing.  (Below)  Here are some Class of '62 revelers in what may be the same booth (I'm trying to align the knot holes).  Left to right are John Allison, Linda Dawes, Charlie Tate, Duane Farrar, Bill Rainey and a mystery man. Duane Farrar donated the photo. Bill Rainey, if memory serves, said the photo was taken just prior to his going in the Army. The young man was Bill's guest and later became a Hollywood producer.   I post this photo every few years and it always generates the question -- what ever happened to Linda Dawes?   We still don't know.

I forgot to share the October 12, 1967 Golden Anniversary Pacer last week.  Click HERE to peruse all four pages.

Friday, October 13, 2017

October 13, 2018

The Crawford football team met its match last Friday when it lost to University City 47-7.  They play Clairemont at Clairemont tonight at 6:30. 

Have you seen the television ads for the Apple Watch that let you know you can access 40 million tunes?  I multiplied that by 3 to get the total number of minutes, divided by 24 to get the total number of hours, divided by 7 to get the total number of weeks, and 52 to get the total number of years.  If my math is right -- and it rarely is -- that's 298 years worth of tunes.  I better get started.

Do you remember the Heritage Coffee House in Mission Beach?  Me neither.  I guess I wasn't as "happenin'" as I thought -- and I lived a few blocks away.  Anyway, Union Tribune writer Logan Jenkins devoted his Wednesday column to a reunion being held this Saturday at the Single Fin Surf Grill, 3842 Mission Blvd, where the Heritage used to be.  I mention this only because the column contains some familiar names -- Jack Tempchin, Upper Cellar and Circe's Cup.  Click HERE if you'd like to peruse the piece.

Here are a couple of photos that recently surfaced on Facebook.  The stunning shot above is the Tower Bar, on University near Euclid.  It looks a lot like the photo below of Belmont Park.  I wonder if they're using  a drone to get these shots.  

Phyllis Schwartz '72 says 90-year old Mickie Geiger was the highlight of their 45-year reunion.  Pictured above are Phyllis Schwartz, Olivia Nava, Debi Soper, Carol Dana, Bernie Torretto, Roberta (Myles) Markey-- standing, Lynn Ziegenfuss.  Below are Missy Moss, Phyllis Naiman, Phyllis Schwartz, and Abbe Marlin

Friday, October 6, 2017

October 6, 2017

The undefeated Colts have a game versus University City at Hoover at 3:30 this afternoon

Click HERE to read the football program from October 2, 1959, when Kearny met Crawford -- also at Hoover.

Bill Center '63 writes a nice article on about the relocation of the Breitbard Hall of Fame from Balboa Park to Petco Park.  Bryce Miller, in the Union-Tribune also covers the story, but gives Bill credit for the idea.  Click HERE to read Bill's story.   Click HERE to read Bryce's.

Gary Juleen '64 says he's checked off another box on his bucket list with this photo of him and Jerry Mathers.  They are both pictured below in earlier years.  Best wishes to Jerry Mathers.  The last photo I posted of Gary and an aging star featured Adam "Bat Man" West, who died shortly thereafter.

Dianne Clasen Huckaby '62 passed away September 5th at her home in Suntree, Florida.  She is survived by, among others, brothers Dick Clasen '60 and John Jones '69.  Click HERE to read a complete obituary and/or send condolences.