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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Restored San Diego State Mural Dedicated

George Sorensen '69 was in town this week for the dedication of the restored mural his father painted in 1936.  The San Diego U-T did a nice article on it.  Click HERE to enjoy it.  George says he's going to give me a little more warning next trip so we can get together.  Perhaps you'd like to join us.

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  1. Since I'd missed it on first reading the article, I was going to mention that George Sorensen later was a faculty member and then chair of the Art Department. But I also thought I'd mention, since people from our era might be interested, that Everett Jackson's wife, Eileen (he was chair of Art when George was a student, as the article says)was well known in San Diego for her society column in the San Diego Union, "Straws In The Wind," which covered all sorts of topics, from posh parties to happenings in La Jolla. Nothing like it these days!

    --Bob Richardson '61