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Friday, August 2, 2013

August 2, 2013

Doesn't look like I'm gonna get that big a turnout for my funeral.  I haven't picked a date or a venue, but my musical desires got a thumbs down from the Amigo Spot Live Jazz band.  I told them I wanted only accordion, banjos, and bagpipes.  Oh, I'm perfectly healthy (I think), but constantly reading of the passing of folks younger than me has got me contemplating my own mortality.  Cheers!!!

Doug Helzer checks in from the State of Texas and is now on the '63 Email Page.  Maria Banos Carroll says she's back in La Mesa.  I've placed her on the '64 Email Page.

I've added Auto Club Strip Maps 12 and 80 to the web site.  I'm gonna wait to hear from Dick Cloward before I add captions.  Willie Skinner loaned them for copying and they appear to be of World War One vintage.  Click HERE -- and scroll to the bottom of the page -- to see them in all their glory.

Do you remember Wolf Motors, Douglas Gasoline or KFSD-TV?  Owen Western '63 forwards a great publicity still of he and his dad accepting the keys to a 1964 Volkswagen.  Click HERE to see the photo enlarged and to get the details about this lucky event.

Here's the KCBQ "Top 29" list from August 17, 1973 -- 40 years ago.  Interesting that the Beatles have a hit song and so does Paul McCartney and Wings.  Click HERE to look at a larger image that isn't that much easier to read.

Phillis Dudick and Kathy Tonsky Clyman have arranged a Remembrance for Myra Segal on Wednesday, August 7, at 12:30 at the Culver City Senior Center, 4095 Overland Blvd.  Phillis suggests you go to for comments and further information.  

Two Horace Mann faculty members appeared in the the U-T obits last week.  Phil Petersen was Boys' Vice Principal during my time as a Cougar.  I recall that he was a Weekend Warrior who flew Corsairs out of Los Alamitos Naval Air Station.  I may have gotten called into his office, but the memory is hazy.  Something to do with shocking people with a Model T coil.  I'm pretty sure it was all Wayne Brickey's fault. I've placed the Horace Mann obituaries at the bottom of the Faculty Obituary Page.

Mary Ellen Cain '71 called my attention to the passing of Horace Mann faculty member Donald Tice. Mary Ellen shared some nice memories, which you can read on the Faculty Obituary Page.  

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  1. John, for what it's worth, I don't think it's Hooters Street. I think it may indicate a unnamed street and Headquarters is there. Or else it's Headquarters Street.