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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Can You Help Us?

We're part of the 1954 San Diego State College Campus Lab School Student Council and Bob Richardson '61 has forgotten some of our names. Click HERE to see the big picture and the names Bob remembered.


  1. Terry Hudson tells me the boy to his right is Sheldon Sarfan and the girl to his left is Jery Lee Thompson, both in his class at CLS but I don't know where they went to high school.

  2. Oops--make that Jeri Lee Thompson.

    --Bob R.

  3. Page Crouch has supplied two more names: the girl to Sharon Bornemann's right (or next to me) is Karen Orr. The girl to Sharon Bornemann's left is Joan Peterson. Both were in Page's class and he thinks both went to Hoover.

  4. The late Pam Sellman (Crawford '62) 18 months ago told me the person standing, far right, is Shirley Secor. I don't know where she went to high school, but she would have been in the class of '62. So now only one remains unidentified, the girl next to Iris Jean.

    -Bob R.