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Friday, December 2, 2022

December 2, 2022


Crawford came up short last Saturday in the Division V Football Championship Game, but Don Norcross wrote a nice article about Coach Matt Marquez and his jewelry.  Duane Farrar '62 got some ink as well.  Click HERE to read the article.

Jerry Smithson, Principal Froylan Villanueva and Sarina Klein Nordmarken pose for a photo with a check for $1,500.   The Class of 1963 donated the profits from their recent reunion to support the Performing Arts Programs at the newly rebuilt and enhanced Crawford High School campus.

Ray Barner graduated from Grossmont High School in 1964.  He would like to hear from his boyhood pals from Andrew Jackson and Horace Mann.  The Barner Boys -- twins Raymond and Richard -- grew up on Corinth Street, but moved after 9th Grade.  Lee Widauer and Sue Talmage were neighbors.  Ray has fond memories of Eddie Newton, Jimmy Bell, Al Porter, Ricky Shelton, and fellow twins Vicki and Virginia Stack.  Ray lives in Langley, Washington -- on Whidbey Island -- and can be reached at   Or you can call him at 425-772-6303.  Click HERE to see who else lived on Corinth Street according to the 1958 City Directory.

Colts Who Served:  James Miller ’67  -- I spent 21 years in the US Navy as a Communication Technician then had my rating changed to Cryptologic Technician years later.  I served on the USS Kitty Hawk off the coast of Vietnam, and many other stations around the world, and was home-based in San Diego.  Thanks to all my fellow classmates who served.  

Bob Johnson ’64 was born at the Brooklyn Naval Ship Yard in New York.  He died suddenly and unexpectedly on November 16, 2022.  He graduated from San Diego State in 1968.  From there he joined the United States Air Force and became a C-141 cargo jet pilot. He was active duty until 1975, but stayed in the reserves until 1992.  During this 23 ½ years he flew in Viet Nam and Desert Storm, and retired as a Lieutenant Colonel.   Bob married Jan on February 5, 1972, and they had fifty wonderful years before his death.  He flew twenty years with Southwest Airlines and, once retired in 2006, spent his time golfing, skiing, glider flying, and traveling.

Friday, November 25, 2022

November 25, 2022

Pinocchio shouldn't play poker

Did you go to the Joel Zane page last week?  The shop where he got his car painted in 1962 is still in business at 4488 University, but it doesn't look like they're painting cars anymore.  Click HERE to revisit the page.

Here are three Pacers from 65, 60 and 50 years ago

Colts Who Served

Ron Cullins '60 sent several photos from his time in Vietnam. 
Click HERE to check them out

James Dean Johnson ’67  My brother served in the Air Force from 1967 to 1971 and was stationed in Nha Trang, Vietnam.  He finished his service at Grand Forks AFB in North Dakota.  He passed away in 2003 -- Donna Johnson ’62


Faculty Member Walter Billings passed away on November 14, 2022 surrounded by his family and friends. He was born in Boston, Massachusetts in 1929.  Mr. Billings had a bachelor's degree in chemistry from Boston University, a Master's in education from Harvard University and spoke fluent Spanish. He taught chemistry and Spanish at Crawford for 28 years.  He loved learning and exploring new things. He took scuba diving lessons with Jacques Cousteau while in Massachusetts. He had a private pilot license, and played five different instruments -- all self taught.  Walter was also an avid motor cycle rider and rode dirt bikes all over Baja California, Arizona, southern California, and street bikes for long road trips with his wife Eileen.

Click HERE to read a complete obituary and/or sign the on-line Guest Book

Bill Fink ’63 passed away November 18, 2022 after a short illness.  After graduating from Crawford he served in the Navy.  Bill continued his education at UCSD where he earned a Master’s Degree, followed by a doctorate from University of Oregon, Eugene.  An avid Oregon Ducks fan, Bill was often seen wearing a Ducks shirt or baseball hat. He had a passion for gardening with beautiful gardens wherever he lived.    He was a role model in all the above.   Bill is survived by his wife, Dennett Taber, step children, several grandchildren, and sister Nancy Fink Moors, Class ‘65.

Greg Bear ’68, the affable San Diego native who wrote such highly acclaimed and plausible science fiction novels as “Blood Music,” “Darwin’s Radio” and “Eon” and who helped create San Diego Comic-Con, died November 20, 2022 following a stroke after complications during heart surgery, according to the Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers Association, or SFWA. He served as the group’s president from 1988 to 1990.

Read the rest of the story in the San Diego Union-Tribune


Friday, November 18, 2022


My classmate Lynn Routt Swanson didn't get a Fry Day email, nor did she get a response to the three emails of concern she sent to me.  Lynn is a Cox subscriber and Cox may have blocked my email, which goes out to 1500 Colts.  I have been tagged as a spammer, and I'm not sure what recourse I have.  I reminded Lynn that the Fry Day emails are available on the Colt Corral blog.  I urged her -- and you all as well -- to bookmark that site.  If you check it and I'm not there, THEN you can get worried.

Larry Slayen sent in a great history of the birth of Jack in the Box and its early years.  He reminded me that it was where Crawford kids hung out after the football games.  Click HERE to revisit the Jack in the Box page and read what he sent.

Speaking of partying after football games, I had my first taste of hard liquor out of the trunk of Joel Zane's Chevrolet.  My previous experience with alcohol involved Cheracol cough syrup and Mogen David wine, so Joel's Jack Daniels bourbon packed quite a punch.  That's Denny Aiken above, posing in front of Joel's Chevy.  Click HERE to get the back story.

Here's the football program for the game played 61 years ago this weekend.  Click HERE to read the rosters.

The folks below have been added to the Colts Who Served in the Military Page

George Glover '73

Nick Watson '64

Mike Judd '68 passed away last Sunday from heart failure and diabetes complications, according to his sister Beverly Judd Camren

Friday, November 11, 2022

November 11, 2022

Definitely the day to scan the Colts Who Served Page

The Grim Reaper on Yelp

Was the Jack in the Box on 63rd and El Cajon the very first one?  I've added a snippet from the 1952 City Directory that would seem to add proof to the assertion.  Click HERE to take another look at the Jack in the Box Page.

What?  No Beatles!!  The KGB Top 30 Survey from November 15, 1963 must have been just before the British Invasion.  Click HERE and take a gander.

This week we feature Pacers from 65, 60 and 55 years ago.

Brigitte Revel Galgut '68 passed away on October 31, 2022   Brigitte was a fitness trainer and owned a picture frame business.  She was a great mother and grandmother.  Sadly, she was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease some years ago and then got Alzheimer’s -- Sonia Fox Ohlbaum ’69


Friday, November 4, 2022

November 4, 2022


Debbie Nichols Poulos '63 is in a wheelchair with ALS.  She shares a photo of her two latest books, which can be ordered on Amazon -- HOME SCHOOLING DURING COVID-19 and Beyond and THE CONSCIOUS TEACHER

Jerry Whiting ’64 has been added to the Colts Who Served Page.  He served in in the Army from 1962-1965 in Field Communications with the 2nd Armored Division.  He attended Darnall, Horace Mann and Crawford.

Here's the program for the game in which San Diego met Crawford on the football field at Hoover.  The game was played on Friday, November 3, 1962 at 8 PM.  I am lucky to stay awake until 8 PM nowadays.  Click HERE to check out the program.

Here's Mighty 690 Top 40 program from November 7, 1958.  Click HERE to remember the Good Old Days.

When it's a slow news week you can't go wrong reprising an Aunt Emma's Pancakes menu.  Apparently you can go back in time if you drive to the Aunt Emma's that still operates in Chula Vista.  Click HERE to check out the menu.

Friday, October 28, 2022

October 28, 2022

Ed Mathis said he thought of me when he spotted this cartoon.  Hmmm.

This Howard Lipin shot of Tabletop Mountain appeared on the front page of the Union-Tribune this week.  Click HERE for an enlargement and details.

'68 Classmates Frank Apgar and Walt Abbey had lunch at the Monkey Cat in Auburn, California on October 21st.   That's Frank on the left in the Hawaiian shirt.  Get a few more details and a larger photo on The Photo Page.

This San Diego Historic Neon photo popped up on Facebook this week.  It looks like the same photo, with a different price, as that seen on the postcard donated by Dave and Linda Roberts Ponsford.  Click HERE to check it out.

A gorgeous shot of Sparkletone Photo, at 3024 El Cajon Blvd, also showed up on Facebook.  Click HERE to see it in a larger format.

The very first Pacer -- Volume 1, Number 1 -- was published on October 29, 1957.  Click HERE to ready all six pages of the student paper issued 65 years ago.

And HERE for the Pacer issued October 25, 1962 -- 60 years ago.

And HERE for the Pacer issued October 26, 1967 -- 55 years ago.

Oops -- I forgot all about my collection of football programs.  Here's one from 60 years ago donated by Sarina Klein Nordmarken '63.  Click HERE to read the inside pages.

Kathy Gordy Evans ’66 passed away in Glendora, California May 24, 2019 according to classmate Dan Burton.

Friday, October 21, 2022

October 21, 2022

The Adams Theater, for many years the home of Discount Fabrics, is back -- sort of.  The theater of my youth began as the Carteri in 1930 and has now been repurposed as an entertainment venue.  "There goes another fabric shop," said my pal Tom LaShell.  Click HERE for details.

240 guests descended on the Bahia Hotel last month for the COVID-delayed 50-year reunion of the Class of 1971.  Click HERE to see a couple of photos.

Mike Schwartz '61 shares a link to his appearance on Dick Clark's American Bandstand on January 14, 1967.  His stage name was Mike Williams.  Click HERE for a trip down memory lane.

George Sorenson reminded me of the fact that he and '69 classmates Mike Safford and Bruce Reed tried to save the ferry San Diego from the scrap heap.  Click HERE to read the article in the April 16, 1969 San Diego Union.

Here are two more additions to the Colts Who Served Page

William E Stephens Jr ’73  US Army 1974-1977 Active, 77-80 reserve duty.  Rank: Specialist 4.  Here is a side note: We are a proud military family: My father: William E Stephens retired US Navy -- 23 years service: Myself: US Army -- 7 years service; My son: William E Stephens III retired US Army -- 23 years service.

Eric Watkins '65  I was drafted in 1971 and served 17 months: Basic and Advanced Training up the coast in Fort Ord, then shipped overseas to South Korea for the rest of my time as part of the 8th Army. I trained as a radio operator and served with the 307th Signal Battalion at Camp Eiler in Kimpo, Korea.