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Friday, June 2, 2023

June 2, 2023


The joke -- or urban legend -- has been around a while.  I hadn't seen it in cartoon form.

This stunning night shot of downtown San Diego taken from Kate Sessions Park appeared on Facebook recently.  Click HERE to see it enlarged.

Click HERE to read all 10 pages of the June 5, 1963 Welcome President Kennedy issue of the Pacer.   You wouldn't think 60 years could go by in a flash.

I guess it's a good time to peruse the JFK in San Diego page of my web site.  Click HERE to check it out.

I'm continuing to scan the packet of photos I took in December 1962.  A handful of them were taken at Morley Field at the conclusion of the North Park Toyland Parade.  Bob Denver was one of the celebrities there.  Click HERE to see who the other one was.

Tom Crogan has submitted a more complete obituary for his twin brother Bob, and chided me for using his photo instead of Bob's in the previous memorial.

Bob Crogan ’67 passed away on May 9, 2023 surrounded by his family: Rae Crogan, his wife of 33 years; his identical twin brother Tom; his son Ryan; and his daughter Shannon. His youngest son Griffin passed away August 8, 2022.  Bob had three grandchildren: Callahan, Grady, and Hadley. Bob went to San Diego City College then transferred to San Diego State, where he threw the discus and javelin and was a member of Kappa Sig fraternity.  He received his bachelor’s degree from the University of Redlands.  Bob worked at the Hungry Hunter restaurant in Mission Valley before becoming a motorcycle police officer in the City of Costa Mesa, where he worked for more some 30 years.  On January 19, 1984, while riding his police motorcycle, he was involved in a catastrophic accident and underwent more than 50 surgeries throughout his life. In 2020, he was diagnosed with head and neck skin cancer, for which he endured three rounds of radiation and chemotherapy treatments.  Bob will be remembered for his love of his family, numerous friends, golf, and his work as a motorcycle policeman.

Friday, May 26, 2023

May 26, 2023

It looks like Monday the 29th will be the official celebration of Memorial Day.  Click HERE if you'd like to read about Colts who made the ultimate sacrifice. 

The Far Side cartoon two weeks ago featuring Raymond the Junkyard Dog made John Ramsey (and yours truly) fondly recall the great Tutored cartoon from Gary Larsen

I don't know if it's a mixed metaphor or a Malapropism, but I got a kick out of Wednesday's Colt Clipping, where the retiring Mrs. Perry said she wasn't the type to sit around "twiddling her fingers".  I know how to twiddle my thumbs, but am not quite sure how to do it with my fingers.

Susan Marshall Gordon '64 tells me the football programs I donated to the school have been digitalized and will be part of the 65th Anniversary display case.   Click HERE for an enlargement -- and much more.

The photo of Dave's College Florist, at College and El Cajon, brought back fond memories from some of you of other nearby businesses.  Click HERE to see an enlarged version of the above section of the 1958 City Directory, and read about Bob Richardson's first haircut.

I've recently discovered some snapshots I took in December 1962.  Four of them are of the Home Federal parking garage being built at 8th and E Streets.  Click HERE to look at enlargements -- and learn the fascinating story of the really old building on the right.

Click below to read May 23rd Pacers from

Charley Mador ’66 died May 11, 2023.  He was the best brother and a friend to many.  His wife Cathy was with him to the end and took the best care of him.  We will miss him terribly, but are happy he is free of pain -- Shirley Mador Kessler '69

In the ‘70s Charley made candles and leather goods and sold them at crafts fairs and at San Diego State. In the ‘80s he was in the balloon bouquet business and then went on to sell real estate for a number of years. In the ‘90s he got his masters in clinical social work and worked at Scripps Mercy Hospital for 20 years -- Rick Cohen ’66


Pamela Miller ’71 died May 13, 2023.  Pam was born and raised in San Diego.  She was heavily involved in the arts at Crawford, and had starring roles in many of her school's plays.   She was an incredible singer and was part of several popular bands in the San Diego area including: Showboat, Shine It On, Misfit, The Clique, Doz Chiqs n' 2 Guyz. She and her bands were well known at venues like Castaways, Park Place and The Fogcutter.   While singing was her true passion, she was also a valuable employee at Home Fed Bank and Petco for many years.  After she moved to Murrieta, she became an accomplished grant writer as the Collaborative Justice Coordinator for the San Diego and Riverside Superior Courthouse.  Once she retired, she took up the teaching of pilates and other fitness classes locally and eventually built up her own pilates business where she was fondly and aptly referred to as "Pam the Punisher."  If singing captured her heart then it could be said that pilates fueled her soul. She took great pride in helping people to better their lives through movement and by teaching them to connect with their own bodies she encouraged a strength of both the core and mind.   Pamela led a vegan lifestyle -- her incredible health and strong bond with animals being some of her most remarkable features.  She took great delight in reading and was a regular at the Wildomar Library . She was also fond of fixing, improving and DIY-ing her home and could often be found perusing the aisles at Home Depot, looking for a new tool for her impressive collection.  On weekends, she and her daughter had dates exploring garage sales and thrift store jungles, looking for unique treasures, sharing memories and catching up on their week's adventures and the future's plans.

Friday, May 19, 2023

May 19, 2023


John Sulliivan '65 says Diane, his wife of 54 years, was the one who found the apron above, in a shop in Solana Beach.  

Last week's ad for Orchid Corsages from Dave's Florist on College and El Cajon made it almost mandatory that we take another look at the photos of East San Diego taken by my late friend John Suitts in 1975.  Click HERE to take another look.

Speaking of East San Diego, or North Park actually, Melanie Dunn, who once taught English at Crawford, has opened her Patisserie Melanie at 3750 30th Street -- two blocks south of University.  Click HERE to read the article in Eater San Diego.

I'm not sure what the deal is, but the May 20, 1958 Pacer I've posted is a series of articles.  I don't know if it came to me that way, or -- horrors -- I cut it into pieces that would fit in my scanner.  I guess it shows how far we've come technically over the years.  Click HERE to check out the school newspaper from 65 years ago.  

Ross Stone ’63, a lifetime resident of San Diego, passed away peacefully at home on March 29, 2023.  He was in the first graduating class at UCSD, where he went on to earn a PhD in Applied Physics.  Over his career in Electrical Engineering and Radio Science he impacted industry, consulting, and research in antennas, propagation and related technologies.  He was a key person in the international scientific community, active in many societies, which led to extensive world travel.  He was Assistant Secretary General of the Union of Radio Scientists International in charge of publishing.  Ross was sensitive to the needs of young scientists and was committed to serve and educate the next generation of students and engineers.

A Memorial Service will be held May 20 at 10:00 a.m. at First United Methodist Church San Diego, 2111 Camino del Rio S., San Diego, CA, 92108. In lieu of flowers, consider contributing to the Ukrainian Refugee Housing Fund at

The Crawford Foundation web site says

 Bob Crogan '67 passed away May 9, 2023

James Whitehead ’73 passed away April 18, 2023

John Aguilar ’74 died April 30, 2023

Friday, May 12, 2023

May 12, 2023

A Far Side cartoon from 1987.  Raymond, it would appear, is a Junkyard Dog.

We've seen the school portraits I got from my 8th grade and 9th grade friends at Horace Mann, now we can take a look at the people who traded photos with me in 12th grade at Crawford  Click HERE to check them out.

Rolfe Pope wants to sell his '62 Centaur.  He says it's in perfect shape, with no marks or autographs.  Contact him at

Click HERE to peruse all 6 pages of the May 9, 1963 Pacer

and HERE to read the 4-page Pacer from May 9, 1968

Dale Orwig ’60 passed on May 6, 2023 after a five-year battle with cancer at the age of 81.  After high school Dale served four years in the Air Force and saw much of the Pacific, Australia and the United Kingdom.  He then attained a degree in software from Cal Poly Pomona.  He spent a long and productive career in government and the defense industry in the Washington, DC area.  He was preceded in death by his first wife Carol in 1995 and is survived by his second wife Jeanie, with both of whom he shared a deep love. 

Dave Swinington ’65 passed away in Solana Beach on May 1st after living with cancer for seven years. Dave and his fraternal twin sister Roanne were born in San Diego to Rohan and Elsie Swinington.  After graduating from San Diego State University with a master’s degree in education, he worked for the San Diego Unified School District in Special Education for 37 years. He was instrumental in developing the TRACE program, an educational support network that assists young adults with disabilities to transition from high school to adult life.  David had many passions including playing drums, hiking, birding, traveling, and surfing, where he was known as Dawnman because of his early morning paddle outs to the waves.  With an inquisitive mind and passion for learning he lived each day to the fullest, enjoying long talks with friends and strangers alike about the meaning of life and the wonders that were all around us. His sense of humor and sharp wit always kept everyone laughing as he saw humor in so many things that others may not have seen.  He is survived by, among others, Judie -- his loving wife of 32 years

Friday, May 5, 2023

May 5, 2023

This is from cartoonist Scott Metzger

Class of ‘69 alums Marcia Kraus Jacobs, Sonia Fox Ohlbaum, Karen Smith Takizawa and Sharon Whitley Larsen recently connected on an 8-night cruise -- from April 23 to May 1st -- on the Norwegian Jewel from San Diego to Vancouver, with stops in Santa Barbara, Oregon, Seattle, and Alaska. (Hubbies came along too.) This was the first cruise for Karen and her husband Kenzo, who live in Tokyo. Karen and Sharon have been friends since 4th grade at Phoebe Hearst Elementary in Del Cerro. And Karen has attended nearly all class reunions -- Sharon Whitley Larsen.  Click HERE for an enlargement.

This postcard of the Navajo Lodge Motel was posted on Facebook by Jan Tonnesen.  The motel, across El Cajon from Blessed Sacrament Church, is still there.  Click HERE for a larger view.

Do you recognize these guys?  Me neither, but they were in the small assortment of 9th Grade photos I kept from Horace Mann.  Click HERE to check out the folks whose names I remembered.

This week's 1959 color photo is a view of the downtown skyline from the parking lot behind the Ford Building -- today's San Diego Air & Space Museum.  Click HERE for a larger view.

Ken Martin ‘66, passed away peacefully with his family at his bedside on April 20, 2023 with complications from cancer.   After graduating from SDSU, Ken became one of the first male flight attendants for Continental Airlines. In addition he worked as a model, making TV commercials for many companies including Nordstrom.  These were perfect fits for his outgoing passion for life.  He moved to the Seattle area in the mid 1970s, where he created and ran his own successful lien business.  Ken’s laugh and friendly demeanor will long be remembered by his many friends in San Diego. It was there that he learned and became an excellent golfer.  Ken leaves behind his lovely wife Marie, three daughters, two sons-in-law and three grandsons.  (Written by Judy Sage and Michelle Hazlewood, who remember sharing many great times with Kenny during and after high school)

Riny Snyder ’68 passed away November 11, 2022.  He was great friend, Baja explorer, dirt bike rider, musician, artist and surfboard maker.  He graduated From San Diego State University in 1975 with a degree in Fine Arts.  In the late ‘70s he went to work for the City of San Diego printing services and rose to become Plant General Manager.  In his later years he became renowned for his agricultural expertise running Pineapple Ranchero, recording music with his full quiver of Strats, and cheering on The Padres and Chargers -- John Teeter

Click HERE for information on Riny’s May 12th funeral.  You must RSVP by May 8th.

Friday, April 28, 2023

April 28, 2023


I've stumbled across a cartoonist named Leigh Rubin.  I'll share some of his work.

Note to self.  Don't let a young person with an iPhone anywhere near you!!

Horace Mann librarian Marie Vaughn was one of two hot babes who gave me an autographed photo of herself in 8th grade.  Click HERE to see who the other one was.

Great color photos from the '50s continue to pop up on Facebook.  This one looks north on 7th Avenue from Broadway.  Click HERE for an enlarged view.

Click HERE to peruse the Pacer from April 25, 1963 -- 60 years ago

And HERE to check out the Pacer from April 25, 1968 -- 55 years ago.

The passing of several Colts was noted recently on the Crawford Foundation web page

Class of '60

Class of '63

Class of '64

Class of '65